Why Us

Why should you use us as your travel partner in Bhutan?

Bhutan opened its doors to tourists in 1974 with the first group of travelers arriving from the United States. The tourism industry was initially a state-run industry. However in 1991, the industry was finally opened to entrepreneurs and private companies. Since then, the Bhutanese tourism industry has seen an explosion in the number of travel agencies that sell tours to Bhutan.

Montane Bhutan is one of many tour agencies that have opened up since the privatization of the tourism industry. The company is managed and owned by two brothers.

Unlike other tour companies that focus on mass tourism, Montane Bhutan seeks to set itself apart from the crowd by offering intimate and immersive tours that have been tailor-made to fit the needs and wants of our guests.

More importantly, the team at Montane Bhutan believes that the company is not only a service-provider but also an ambassador for Bhutan. We firmly believe that we – as your local hosts in Bhutan – are representatives of the Bhutanese community and the nation, and that it is our duty to show you the very best that the country has to offer.

Come visit Bhutan through Montane Bhutan, and experience the sunny side of the Himalayas!!

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