of or inhabiting mountainous country.
Example – “montane grasslands”

Montane Bhutan

Montane Bhutan is a travel agency based in the heart of Thimphu. Owned and operated by three brothers, the company seeks to set itself apart from the crowd by offering intimate and immersive tours that have been tailor-made to fit the needs and wants of our guests.

The team at Montane Bhutan firmly believes that the company is not just a mere service-provider but also an ambassador for Bhutan. We believe that we – as your local hosts in Bhutan – are representatives of the Bhutanese community and the nation, and that it is our duty to show you the very best that the country has to offer.

Come visit Bhutan through Montane Bhutan and experience the sunny side of the Himalayas!!

Cultural & Lifestyle Tours

Our cultural and lifestyle tours are designed to give you a truly unique Bhutanese experience. From visits to quaint mountaintop villages to chowing down on spicy ema datshi to rubbing shoulders with the locals, our tours will give you an intimate and immersive glimpse into the lives of the Bhutanese.

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Fire in my belly

Trekking Tours

Bhutan is an absolute delight for trekkers and people that love the outdoors. Trekking in Bhutan entails walking long distances upon ancient trails that will take you over high-altitude passes. You will be treated to stunning views of Bhutan's Eastern Himalayas; and more often than not, you and your friends are likely to be the only people in the area.

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The Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

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